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The game changed for me when I realized the importance of ethically and strategically growing my business using social media. I’ll share with you my top 5 ways to scale your helping biz with social media that took me from  barely making $60k a year working for others to making nearly 7 figures and having over 100k followers on Instragram as a therapist. All ethically, legally with air tight boundaries and living in line with my authentic self!


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top 5 ways to

3 Step Social Media Formula: I’ll break down in detail my fool-proof, 3-step formula to social media success.

Being yourself: How to show up authentically, channel your strengths and natural gifts to be relatable, followable, and attract REAL people with your humanity.

Fears: How to combat fear and imposter syndrome that is inhibiting the growth of your business and you claiming your professional stake in this game.

Niching to get your ideal client: How to define your ideal paying client and use this knowledge to identify your specialty, niche, help specific people using your passion and expertise, provide and create content that meets their needs.

Ethics: How to market yourself in a way that is in line with ethical codes and guidelines as a therapist. I’ll share crucial education because I know there is still a lot of questions and uncertainty around this topic for helping professionals.

Let's dive into:

By using my top 5 ways to scale your biz with real, effective tips that are strategic, effective, and ethical, you will find REAL clients, expand your biz and make REAL revenue through social media.

- Justine Grosso, T. Roe Biz School Alumni 

She has done most of the work (paperwork, framework for legal and ethical decision making, marketing strategies, etc) for us and made growth easy. Her affirmations and concrete how-to's inspired me to let go of perfectionism when creating social media content, launch digital mini-trainings and courses, and participate in fun digital collaborations. During the year that I used Tiffany's business courseI launched my first psychoeducational course successfully (twice) and cultivated a community of over 20k new followers (9k in the first three months). Through TRoe's course I learned and DIRECTLY EXPERIENCED how fear and lack of knowledge around ethics and boundaries on social media can lead to therapists playing small online and in entrepreneurship. I love her "no BS" attitude.   

"I am so much more knowledgeable and confident in harnessing the benefits of social media as a therapist after taking Tiffany's business course! "

With 20 branches of my business, I have nailed down the ability to make 6 figures passively as a helping pro. I’m all about empowering other helping pros to do the same thing. Because I felt alone, I had no mentors, I felt weird gatekeeping and territorialism in our field - so I wanna change this mental health game, and that means sharing what I’ve learned because I believe in abundance and supporting other pros!

I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor, hype girl, award-winning psychology teacher, speaker, and the owner of mindful counseling LLC in Orem, Utah and host of my podcast therapy thoughts.

I’m Tiffany Roe. Nice to meet you!